Saturday, 15 January 2011

Overcoming the post-Christmas cheese mountain

Having been away on business Wednesday to Friday this week, it was great to get home last night. Having eaten rather too well whilst away, I was planning on more careful cuisine but there was still the Christmas cheese mountain to finish. Good news is that some of it is now too mouldy to scrape the edges off, so we're now just left with the cheese that was supposed to be blue in the first place. I tried to offset my fromage footprint by going for a bike ride today. I didn't go as far as normal, only about 12 miles, but it was exceptionally windy so I'm sure I burnt more calories than usual. Wildlife was quite scarce although I did see a few Kites gliding on the winds. I only have a fairly basic camera but was quite pleased with this shot.

I also managed to snap a couple of pictures of a chimney place sitting in the middle of nowhere, presumably part of an old farmhouse. I'll have to return on a clear and brighter day as the colours are a bit dark here.

Tasks for this afternoon include trying to make some sense of the batch of 200 vintage postcards I still have to sort through, and listening to my recent CD purchases ... currently listening to 'In Absentia' by Porcupine Tree.

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