Monday, 3 January 2011

A Night in Front of the TV

It's very rare that I do this, as there's generally nothing but dreadful celebrity/reality drivel to watch, but last night I sat in front of the log burner and watched TV all evening. Starting with the final episode of Oz and Hugh Raise the Bar, I then watched James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause from 1955, which I'm pretty sure I've never seen before, despite it being a classic. Following this came the excellent Fahrenheit 451 from 1966 based on Ray Bradbury's novel, set in a world where books are banned, and any found are burned. I read the book many years ago when hitch hiking through Europe but until last night had never seen the film. I finished the evening by watching the last few remaining overs before lunch, of the first day of the final test match against Australia in Sydney. England managed to get a wicket just before lunch, but for me the highlight was David Lloyd eulogising about none other than John Peel favourites, Half Man Half Biscuit. It was reassuring to wake up this morning to see that we'd taken another 3 wickets during the afternoon session. I'd love to stay up again tonight to watch it but alas have to get the early train into London tomorrow so may have to settle for an early night instead.

I managed yet another mountain bike ride today, one every day this year so far, which was a pleasant 15.5 miler up on to the Wayfarer's Walk. The weather looked gloomy when I left but as I climbed higher the sleet turned to snow, and apart from the bitter coldness in my toes, it was a great ride.

Alas the day has now taken a turn for the worse as my wife's laptop has decided to play up. Following a series of delldock.exe, GfxUI and .net framework errors it has now frozen :-(

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