Friday, 1 February 2013

Urban Wandering: Limehouse to Canary Wharf

I was delighted this week to have found some time for space and unusually it was on my way to work. I found myself with about half an hour before I needed to get to Canary Wharf where I had a meeting for the day. Firstly I decided to take the Docklands Light Railway as it's much more enjoyable being above ground, and this particular DLR route offers views of some great Edgelands, and secondly with time to spare I alighted at Limehouse and walked the 30 minutes or so to Canary Wharf. The morning was clear and a little cold, so I was hoping to get some half-decent photos. If I say so myself, those I did manage to take are rather striking.

View across moored boats to residential area near Limehouse

 Looking eastwards along the River Thames, not long after sun rise

Residential buildings now flank the sides of a huge dock

  Looking west along the River Thames towards the Shard

Approaching Canary Wharf

In other news I am now about half-way through Edgelands and thoroughly enjoying it. Each chapter covers a different aspect of Edgelands, and having grown up on the outskirts of London, essentially between the city and the countryside, the childhood memories are flooding back. I really cannot recommend this book enough. I also bought Psychogeography of which the content of Edgelands could probably be considered a sub-topic. I've yet to start this one but curiously it has been picked up by my wife who has been inspired by it in relation to an art project she has just undertaken.



  1. I always find it interesting that Psychogeography tends to be seen as the preserve of walkers. It can seem from the literature like Coverley that doing other than walking disqualifies you. But cyclists can also explore and drift around in ways that are less obtrusive than walkers and we can cover longer distances or lots of different places.

    Good pics!

    1. Totally agree with you ... I am in fact both a walker and a cyclist. Interestingly the Edgelands book suggests that some Edgelands features are best seen by car.


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