Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Now we're back into the working week I must admit I've almost had enough of the snow now, but the weekend was brilliant and I managed to get out and about. Below are a few pictures I took walking around the Hollington Loop when the snow was still fresh and thick.

This last picture is of icicles on what I think is possibly a Wisteria. It looked better in real life but hopefully the photo captures some of its beauty.

In other news, I have just ordered a book called Edgelands that I mean to order months ago when it was first brought to my attention. During this buying process I came across the term Psychogeography against which Edgelands seems loosely associated, so have also just ordered a book called Psychogeography: Pocket Essentials. Pyschogeography seems to be a massive and complex subject from what little I've read so far, but what inspired me most to delve deeper into this subject was the fact that the subject seems to include the relationship between a city and its inhabitants as observed on foot through walking the city. Given that I do a lot of urban wandering myself at every opportunity, this seemed like a good reading companion. The books have not arrived yet but I will comment on them in a later post once I had a chance to read through them.


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