Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Urban Wandering: Paddington to Marylebone High Street

I had a break from urban wandering last week, thanks to a much needed holiday where we went skiing in France. I had hoped during my week off that I would find time to continue my reading, but unfortunately I only managed a few chapters on the plane. I am still reading Brendon Chase and thoroughly enjoying it, and whilst I never ran away to the woods as a kid, the childhood memories are coming flooding back, the ones where the school summer holidays seemed to last for ever and were always hot and sunny. I'm also dipping into Iain Sinclair's Lights Out for the Territory but have to be alert and awake when I read that one as, for me anyway, it requires considerably more concentration.

I've restarted my adventures this week, although the weather is not exactly inspiring me to go too far afield. I can't wait until the days get warmer and the evenings lighter, when I can get a better chance to explore further afield after work rather than sticking to my regular lunchtime haunts. I've built quite a list of places to visit.

My stroll this week took me across from Paddington to Marylebone High Street. This is a route I have walked many times, usually paying a visit to the excellent Daunt bookshop, or the Oxfam book shop, and Marylebone High Street and its surrounding streets is probably one of the first places that alerted me to a different London many years ago.

My loose purpose for this wander however was to see if I could find a small mews that contained a couple of car showrooms. I first discovered this walking back in the dark one evening, and despite making a mental note I can't quite pinpoint where it was. I am familiar with the one in Radley Mews, and stare longinly in the windows each time I pass, often imagining myself as Steed or Mrs. Peel in one of their e-type Jaguars, but this new one continues to allude me and I was not successful on this trip either. I did however come across a small mews-like road that I'd not seen before ... Durweston Street. Excuse the greyness of the pictures but the weather was not on my side that day.

 Durweston Street, London W1

 Durweston Street, London W1

I'm hoping to get another chance later this week for some more urban exploring, but again the weather forecast doesn't suggest I'll be able to get any decent pictures. Watch this space ...


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