Saturday, 24 March 2012

Early morning London views

I seem to have caught some sort of bug and have not been 100% this week. I did think my sore throat had been caused by traffic fumes in Mumbai, or perhaps from being in air-conditioned locations pretty much 24x7 for a whole week, but whatever I have caught has now moved down on to my chest and I am feeling very sorry for myself. I managed to work from home a couple of days this week to avoid spreading my germs but did have to go into the office on Thursday/Friday. I stayed over so didn't have to suffer the train journey too many times, and just as well as work is crazy at the moment as we near the end of the financial year.

Hazy dawn view from my Kensington hotel window, looking South towards the Albert Hall

Morning walk through Hyde Park to the office

I also managed to find a few minutes to stop off at Notting Hill Gate to visit the records shops there. I didn't find anything massively inspiring but was pleased to pick up a copy of Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children. This is on the periphery of my top-10 albums but I sold my original copy a while back so was glad to have been able to replace it.

The weather this weekend looks fantastic. Not sure I'm up to doing a bike ride though as I still feel a bit weak, so perhaps just some gentle digging over of the vegetable patch, a trip to Marlborough in the afternoon, and a barbecue later.


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