Thursday, 7 April 2011

46 to Farringdon Street

What marvellous weather we are having in the UK at the moment. Yesterday was so warm that I decided to take a trip up to Hampstead Heath after work before I headed back home to the sticks. The 46 dropped me just before Hampstead underground station, but instead of walking on an up on to the Heath, I decided to take a left instead, which took me down past Hampstead Parish Church. Immediately to hustle and bustle of the noisy street disappeared and really I could have been anywhere. Immediately before the church I took another left hand turn which took me down a track called Frognal, which eventually turned into a road, flanked either side by wonderful houses. And the great houses continued pretty much until I arrived at West Hampstead, where the pubs, cafes and bistros were all swarming with people sitting outside enjoying the early Spring weather.

My only regret was forgetting my camera. I did try and find some commons licensed pictures of Hampstead on Flickr but was not very successful, so I'll have to make do with a picture of and a link to this great book about Hampstead (left hand side for UK readers, right hand side for US readers).

From West Hampstead I walked down through Brondesbury, Kilburn to Queens Park, where I discovered a "new road", Lonsdale Road. It's the home to architects, bistros, dance studios, etc., and was a complete surprise to stumble across this and it almost looked out of place. I eventually ended up back at Paddington, somewhat tired but feeling richly rewarded for my evening's endeavours.

More London spaces next week, when hopefully I'll have remembered to take my camera.

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