Saturday, 2 April 2011

414 to Putney Bridge

Unfortunately this blog has been a bit neglected recently. It's been financial year end which has caused all sorts of madness at work, we've had a big family wedding, I've been out in the vegetable patch, and I've also been trying to fit in as many bikes rides as possible in the mild weather. I did manage to find some Space the week before last when, during my lunch break, I managed to escape to Hyde Park. I always find it incredible that this park is in the middle of London ... given this particular shot it could be anywhere.

Hyde Park, London, March 2011

As far as finding new spaces is concerned, I embarked on another of my bizarre pat times, random bus hopping. This week it was the 414 to Putney Bridge, as the recorded announcement rather annoyingly reminded me every 2 minutes. Sat in the front seat of the top deck of a London double-decker, this was an interesting bus journey passing Harrod's, the Victoria and Albert museum, and several other places I'd need to look up on the A-Z to remember. The bus stopped just before Putney Bridge, where I got off (sorry, that should be alighted or disembarked) and strolled across Putney Bridge. I had intended to take some photos but unfortunately I only had my blackberry and it was a bit hazy. I've made a note to revisit later in the year, armed with camera.

Music wise I am still tracking down CDs mentioned in Rob Young's excellent Electric Eden, and on the current playlist are Mr Fox and Bridget St John.

Here's a link to a few of my current favourite books and CDs

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