Saturday, 16 November 2013

Urban Wandering: Baron's Court and Fulham, London W6

Having thought I was running out of places to explore during my lunchtime wanders, I decided to head off in the same direction as my very first wander in this area as I was sure there was plenty more exploration to be undertaken in that area ... I was not mistaken.

After walking past the beautifully preserved exterior of Baron's Court tube station, I headed across Margravine Cemetery (aka Hammersmith Cemetery) in the general direction of Fulham. The station exterior itself is huge, but the majority of it is now, and perhaps always was, occupied by small shops and cafes. Purists amongst you may argue that the EXIT sign is not actually a ghost sign, but given that I am fairly sure this is no longer a conventional exit (maybe it's an emergency one) then I'm happy to classify it as one.

Baron's Court underground station, London
Baron's Court underground station, London W6

Exiting the cemetery I walked down through a housing estate and on to Greyhound Road. I spotted this old advertising sign on a shop. If Guinness Time was 12:03 then I'd missed it by half an hour, although in reality I suspect this clock has been stuck at that time for a while now ... still, at least it's right twice a day.

 Old advertising sign and clock for "Guinness Time", Greyhound Road, Fulham, London
 Old advertising sign and clock for "Guinness Time", Greyhound Road, Fulham, London W6

The clock face on the other side of the sign had lost its hands completely, suggesting that either no time is Guinness time, or conversely any time is Guinness time.

 Old advertising sign and clock for "Guinness Time", Greyhound Road, Fulham, London
 Old advertising sign and clock for "Guinness Time", Greyhound Road, Fulham, London W6

Further along Greyhound Road was this beauty. If you look closely it's actually a double ghost sign. In the foreground we have

1a  J.PREEN & Co.  1a 

but beneath that I can just make out


Ghost sign in Greyhound Road, Fulham, London W6
Ghost sign in Tasso Road, Fulham, London W6

My list of areas to explore further is growing by the week, but based on what I managed to see in the short time I had for this particular wander, I feel compelled to promote this one to the top of the list and return again soon.



  1. Dakota Boo. Gosh you have stirred some memories for me this morning! Your 'Preen' photograph in particular. The actual address for that is 1a Tasso Road which is right at the end of Greyhound Road and the hard-to-make out sign underneath reads 'F.C. Eales and sons'. I know this because he was my grandfather and the 'sons' were my father and uncle who carried on the business after he died. Haven't seen that building in YEARS! I used to be in and out of it all the time as a child. It rather looks as though time has passed it by. Thank you so much for posting it.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for taking the time to comment, and thanks for the lovely story to go with it. I'll update the address on the post shortly.


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