Saturday, 10 November 2012

Is it Christmas already?

A truly frustrating and bewildering week at work last week. By the time I finished work on the Wednesday I had pretty much given up hope of doing anything meaningful after work, but decided I needed a walk to calm me down and revive my senses. It was a pretty cold night but as I was walking I found myself drawn to the bright lights beaming from the grounds of the Natural History museum in South Kensington. Initially I just thought it was the Christmas lights in the trees that were lighting up the night sky, but on closer inspection I found this to be an ice rink. Personally I don't like ice skating at all and find it a bit boring, but that's probably because I've only ever done it in a sterile indoors environment, whereas even I was impressed by this sight.

Ice rink at Natural History Museum, London

The following day I managed to escape the madness and get out for half an hour at lunchtime, making the most of the sunny weather, and managed to discover a new mews, Albion Mews, London W2. I think I caught this particular mews at one of the best times of year, with some foliage, but not too much to obscure the views, and some wonder autumn colours.

Looking into Albion Mews, London W2

Looking back out from Albion Mews, London W2

Looking back out from Albion Mews, London W2

Looking back out from Albion Mews, London W2

As with many London mews, this could really be anywhere and hard to believe it's not far from the Bayswater Road. Of the four pictures of the mews, my favourite has to be the last one with the blue house and the bike.

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