Friday, 10 June 2011

London is not infinite but ...

I guess London is no different than any other big city in that, although huge, it's not infinite, but to me it may as well be. Every time I go for a walk at lunchtime or, after work if I'm staying over, I can almost always find somewhere I've never been before. Leaving my office tonight, my destination was the Fulham Road where I'd planned to go for dinner. This evening's walk took me across Hyde Park, along a path I'd never used before, past the Albert Memorial and Albert Hall, and into Kensington and Chelsea. I have walked around the pretty little streets here before but this evening I found some gorgeous mews I'd never seen before ... Kynance Mews.

I'm not a big celebrity fan but I did wonder if anyone interesting, as opposed to 'famous', either lived here now or had done in the past.

I eventually arrived at the Fulham Road after meandering through a series of side streets. On arriving at the restaurant I realised that, not only had I forgotten my glasses but I had also forgotten my book. So as not to appear all sad and alone in the restaurant (although I confess to liking that sometimes) I decided to spend the time before my meal arrived by listing my top 10 meal locations. In a bizarre 'Mr and Mrs' like scenario I even emailed them to my wife back home in the sticks to see (i) if she remembered them, and (ii) what her top 10 were.

Here's a link to some pictures and musings from the return journey, during which I found some even more impressive mews of London


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