Friday, 11 December 2015

Psychogeography inspired urban wandering around London, various doorway mosaics and ghost signs

Work has been far too busy over the past few weeks, so this is my first post for a while. I thought today I would share some pictures of doorway mosaics and ghost signs taken from a few psychogeography inspired urban wanders around London.

This first doorway mosaic is one I have run past many times as I take an early morning run along to Hyde Park, but I'm usually far too focused on the run, or more likely out of breath to stop and take a photo. The building which this mosaic sits outside of has 3 inset windows or doorways, and each one has the same mosaic


Doorway mosaic, Notting Hill Gate, London
Doorway mosaic, Notting Hill Gate, London

This next picture is not a mosaic by any stretch of the imagination, but it does adorn a doorway, and I wonder if maybe there was a mosaic in the lower, inset part at one stage.


Doorway, Islington, London
Doorway, Islington, London

No doubt about this one being a mosaic. Not sure what RG stood for though.


Doorway mosaic, Islington, London
Doorway mosaic, Islington, London

I'm sure at one time this would have been a magnificent ghost sign, but I'm struggling to make out any of the words on this one.

Ghost sign, Islington, London


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