Friday, 24 August 2012

Post California blues

I've now been back from California for a week, but my holiday already feels like it was weeks ago. This past week at work has been especially manic, with interminable budget planning and re-planning, multiple iterations of management reports, and of course the email mountain I returned to. However, I did manage a couple of escapes during the week, both in London and at home. My London escape took me out to the Westbourne Park area again, mainly because it's close to the office, but also because there are still some areas within it I've yet to explore. Of particular interest is that I've come across roads with Russian names ... Moscow Road and St. Petersburgh Place. Some further research is needed here I think to find out what's behind this. But for now, here are a few photos I took on the walk.

Apartments on Moscow Road, London

 I'm always amazed at how many cobbled streets there still are in London. This one, just off the Moscow Road, looked stunning and was almost like stepping back in time.

Chapel Side, off Moscow Road

Chapel Side, off Moscow Road

Below are a few books which cover more of London's less known, quirky and long gone places.


Closer to home I have managed to get out on my mountain bike 3 times since returning from California in a desperate attempt to burn-off all the french toast, burgers, steaks, etc. My performance however has not returned to its pre-holiday status, and on some rides I am way off my personal best time.

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