Monday, 4 June 2012

Jazz and the Westbourne Grove

I've not been able to get out and about as much as I'd have liked to in London over the past few weeks because of the awful weather. However, I did manage a couple of walks around the Westbourne Park area at lunchtime. I generally go from near Paddington towards Portobello Market, deviating from what would be quite a direct route along Westbourne Grove, to take in some of the smaller side roads. The first photo is of Wysteria growing against a mews house. The picture did not come out quite as I'd hoped but as the day was grey and dull, it's not a bad shot I guess.

Colville Mews, W11

I cannot remember whether the alley featured in the second photo had a name. I can't find it on google maps so will have to go back and have a look, although if I'm completely honest then I must admit that I'm not 100% sure exactly where it was. I know I walked north to south along a cobbled street (or perhaps a mews) and then found a couple of small alleyways off to the left, but other than that a bit blank.

Unknown alley, W11

Anyone who has read this blog before will probably know that I also have a passion for vintage, and I have a vintage magazines and a vintage postcards blog. I have been updating the former quite a bit over the past few weeks having found a collection of early 1960's Jazz Journal magazines. To compliment this I have also been listening to some jazz on lastfm. I can't say I am the world's biggest jazz fan, although some of what I've heard is hitting the spot. Memphis Slim is one of these artists and below is a link to some of his music ...


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