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Thursday, 9 September 2021

End of the Road Festival, 2021

 2021 was our second time at the rather wonderful, End of the Road festival, held each year in the Larmer Tree Gardens, in deepest Wiltshire. If you're looking for a small to medium size, family friendly festival, with good music, along other forms of entertainment including literature and comedy, with a superb beer and cider tent, then this is your festival. We were also blessed with better than expected weather.

End of the Road Festival 2021

The Woods Stage, End of the Road Festival, 2021

The only downside for me personally was that I did not study the line-up and schedule properly. Had I realised that the mighty Stereolab were playing on the Thursday night then we would have arrived in time for that, rather than leaving it until the Friday morning.

There was however plenty of other music to choose from, both artists who I'd heard before, along with many who were new to me. It's hard to choose a favourite from the weekend, but I guess if I had to then it would be Arab Strap who played on the Garden Stage on the Saturday.

Did I mention the beer tent? Ah yes, I did. Anyway, definitely worth another mention as there was a great selection of real ale and cider on sale, and if you picked the right bar at the right time, then the queues were not too bad at all.

Real ale and cider tent at End of the Road Festival 2021

Real ale and cider tent, End of the Road Festival, 2021

Despite being pretty warm during the days, t-shirt and shorts weather, us oldies did get cold in the evening so had to nip back to the tent to change. Fortunately we were able to do this between bands, the distance back to the tent being relatively short compared to other, bigger festivals.

As the evening draws in at the End of the Road Festival 2021

As the evening draws in, End of the Road Festival, 2021

Another highlight for me, although not strictly festival related, was my recent purchase of a solar powered phone charger. With my current phone struggling to hold battery for a whole day any longer, this charger was very welcome and meant that I could recharge via the sun any time I needed to, allowing me to take photos and videos all weekend without having to worry about running out of battery. And being 'oldies', we also borrowed a really good festival trolley from some friends, meaning we could just do the one trip from the car.

Will we be going again next year? Definitely, as we have already bought our tickets.


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